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We truly make a difference in the lives of children. Here's how we're doing it everyday.

Angels Director Honored as Visionary

We at Angels are delighted to announce that our founder and executive director Jennifer Abney has been honored with the Visionary Impact Award from the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Visions, the Center’s event where Jennifer will receive her award, acknowledges those who work toward and succeed in making a significant and lasting change in the […]

Why YOU Should become a Monthly Donor

Small but mighty. That’s what monthly donations are. Small monthly gifts of $100, $25, even $5 have become more vital than ever. Angels has grown exponentially over the past year, and continual monthly support helps keep our agency’s programs afloat. So…why should YOU become a monthly donor? 1. Most of us have a little extra […]

Desi’s Story

EVERYONE HAS A STORY. The evidence is clear that the time for a change in foster care has come. There are thousands of children in Oklahoma County foster care, with more than a third of them under the age of 3. Of these children, typically only 40% are ever adopted by their foster families, and […]

5 reasons why YOU Should Become a Foster Parent!

Are you a parent of older children but miss the joy of having a little one pad around your home? Do you long to have babies of your own but are unable? Do you feel a welling up of love in your soul that you want to pour out onto another? Maybe fostering is the […]

Eat Pray Run

That’s what we got on the day of Eat, Pray, Run, a 5K hosted by Redeemer Presbyterian Church to raise awareness for Angels.

Volunteers: Why We Need Them, and Why You Need to Be One

Volunteers have special powers: they can make immediate impact in places where social workers and staff members cannot necessarily do so.