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Volunteering with Angels is unique in that we encourage volunteers to plug in to any number of existing programs where they can use their personal gifts effectively.

How Can I Volunteer with Angels?

As a registered Angels volunteer, you can choose to give of your time on your schedule and/or assist with various planned events our Project Coordinator schedules. Adult and youth volunteers can serve side-by-side during our planned events and babysitting opportunities. While there are some age constraints, youth volunteers have nearly the same opportunities as their adult counterparts.

  • Playroom Assistant

    In-office babysitting for Angels children

  • Event Assistant

    Help the annual benefit event run smoothly

  • Angels Elves

    Assist with gift wrapping, and gift delivery

  • Donation Coordinators

    Run a donation drive of diapers, child clothing or other needed items

  • Organize Donations

    Help sort through and put donations away in our resource closet

  • Adopt-a-Family

    Get paired with a foster parent and help them with in-home babysitting

  • Special Projects

    Let us know if your church or school group would like to help us with a big project

Ready to become a volunteer?