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About Angels Foster Family Network

Founded in 2008 and inspired by the desire to improve foster care in Oklahoma.

Our Vision

At Angels, our vision is to be the leading source of support and hope for children and families in the foster care system.


Angels’ goal is to form deep community involvement, volunteerism, and cultivate the best foster homes available for infants, toddlers, children and teens.

Angels prides itself on relationships from Foster Parent to Child, Caseworker to Parent, and all of the people in between. Angels works to create the very best support for families and the children we care for.

Angels founder, Jennifer Abney, first brought a passion for fostering to OKC in 2008. A foster/adoptive parent who relocated from San Diego, she brought the Angels Foster Family Network model and drive to change how Oklahoma manages foster care and supports its foster families. We strive to be a solution and not just a Band-Aid to the issues of foster care. Programs, such as the HALO Project, utilizing TBRI therapy have been developed with the help of Angels and are now being used throughout our community.  The roots of our Angels network run deep and wide and fostering with us provides you access to an entire extended family. At Angels we know that our families are our most valuable resources, so we provide the support you need to foster the future of a child.



Meet the Angels OKC Staff

  • Jennifer Abney

    Founder/Executive Director

  • Carla Dobbs

    Assistant Director

  • Sha-rell Webber

    Edmond Program Director

  • Kyla Russell

    Pre-Certification Director

  • Danielle Tolbert

    Project Coordinator

  • Samantha Gonzalez

    Training Coordinator

  • Liz Gunter

    Program Assistant

  • Hunter Yannarell

    Case Worker/Placement Specialist

  • Kynzi Franks

    Case Worker

  • Merritt Ellett

    Case Worker

  • Maria Lowell Oshman

    Case Worker

  • Kendal Buck

    Case Worker

  • Riley Carr

    Case Worker

  • Hannah Taylor

    Clinical Social Worker


  • Monique Wooten

    TBRI Practitioner

    Paired with ‘Special Care’

Meet the Angels Norman Staff

  • Sandi Gillett

    Norman Program Director

  • Taylor Clear

    Pre-Certification Coordinator

  • Corbyn Frees

    Case Worker/Placement Specialist

  • Allora Herrin

    Case Worker

  • Lyndsey Conant

    Case Worker

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