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Give a Gift of Kindness

Give a gift of kindness that specifically meets a family’s need.

  • 1. Items: Scholarship fund- general. Every child in our Angels Network will be able to apply for a college scholarship. Our board will set an allotment for each year and the money will be equally divided between each college applicant. (amount could be open)
  • 2. 858TOGO- Buy a foster family a meal when they are taking a new child into care during dinner time or if they are in a crisis mode such as a child in the hospital. ($50 per family of 4, $100 per family of 8)
  • 3. Legal Aid- Sometimes families need an attorney to step in and help with a case to support the best interest of a child. If Angels determines that a case needs legal assistance, we offer to assist our families with aid. (This varies per case, but if a family needs aid, it is approximately $2,500.
  • 4. Placement Bags- Every child who enters into our Angels network receives a placement bag containing clothing, diapers, wipes, toys, essentials, blanket, etc… We believe every child should come into foster care with dignity and respect. (Cost per bag $100.)
  • 5. Diapers- Angels delivers diapers to our families upon visits. It is just one of the many ways we love to show our support of our amazing families. (Box of diapers $15)
  • 6. Car Seats and Stroller- Several of our families step up and take large sibling groups. Angels likes to provide the extra car seats and sometimes a stroller is needed to encourage families to keep siblings together.
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