Welcome to Angels. We are a private foster child placing agency in Oklahoma County, rescuing children who have often been traumatized while living in emergency shelters or in a series of short term foster homes after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents.

As an Angels Foster Family, you would be giving a child the gift of knowing unconditional love, learning to bond and trust and change the life of a child forever. By fostering a loving child, you can provide the care and nurturing that these children so desperately need.

The Angels Parenting Program

The Acclaimed Angels Parenting Program provides everything a family could need to create a successful foster home environment. We teach the OKDHS Bridge Training in a small group environment, as well as provide training material, mentoring, social worker visits, and support to make your fostering experience a rewarding one. We are also working on an online version of the OKDHS Bridge Training that will have 21 hours of at-home training and 6 hours in-class with other families like you.

2015 Bridge Training Dates for Angels Foster Families

Bridge Training Dates for 2015 are announced at orientation, but generally take place every month.

Please Note: Prospective foster families must register with Jillian Hord or call Jillian at (405) 285-6193 in order to attend.

New Partners

We have partners covering western Oklahoma County (Youth & Family Services) and eastern Oklahoma County (Anna’s House Foundation), and we have a pending partnership in the southern part of the county. Partnerships with other agencies in different sections of Oklahoma County make it easy for families to serve different age groups and fill various needs. That way, a family can experience the Angels Model conveniently close to their home and community!

Considering Adoption?

Before adoption, why not parent a beautiful foster child first? It is a great introduction to the world of parenthood–and some of our foster children are eventually adopted by their host families. We work with Oklahoma Department of Human Services to find permanent homes for foster children who cannot be reunited with their birth parents.

Angels Depends on Your Donations

Angels is a non-profit organization completely funded by private philanthropy. Your tax-free donation supports our projects and helps us place needy children in loving homes. We gladly accept donations of child-appropriate items to further support our foster families as they care for their Angels child. All in-kind donations are tax-deductible. { See a list of our current needs. }

Call Now to Change a Child's Life

Call (405) 285-6193 or contact us online to learn how you can make a donation or become a foster parent or volunteer.